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12th Dec 1999, 03:41 AM
Here's my problem...I have a TNT2 w/ Nvidia 3.53 drivers. I also have a Voodoo2 12mb for glide apps. My machine is a PIII 500, 256mb RAM. When I run UT using the voodoo2 the gameplay is smooth as silk on all maps. When I run the game using D3D on the TNT2, all is well except for a few particular maps. The worst one being Ice Station Zeto. Anyone try using D3D and running down a corridor where there's snow outside the window? Framerate must drop to 0 fps! And that's if I'm the only one in the corridor! Another player in there and the game almost locks! Any ideas on how to correct this? I'm sure any fix for this problem would almost certainly improve overall gameplay under D3D. Thanks in advance.

12th Dec 1999, 07:36 PM
Hmm, Something strange going on there, ice station zeto is one of the less demanding maps even when going by the widows. I have a celeron 466@525 and a standard tnt2 running in d3d and i get very good framerates, especially with that one. Are you sure your tnt2 has been detected for d3d?, if you have the patch there should be no problem. To make sure, go to change video device in the video options and make sure d3d shows up, if not click on "show all devices" and it should, then select it. Also go to advanced options by typing "preferences" in the console, go to the rendering section and select d3d. make sure use 3dfx is checked to false. Also i've found that setting mim frame rate to 50 helps a lot and you dontb notice any change in the graphics.Oh, and you must have direct x7 installed for d3d to work, if you're getting around 0 fps at times, with your machine it sounds like it's running in software. Hope this is of some help to you, good luck.

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14th Dec 1999, 02:38 AM
I figured out my problem here. I had my graphics aperature size set to 4mb in my bios. HUGE mistake! If you own a AGP video card and have a graphics aperature size setting in your system bios, set the amount to half of your system RAM. If you have 256mb RAM, set the aperature to 128mb, etc.
Now UT is flying under direct3D! No more loss of framerate on any map. I also changed the game cache in advanced options from 4mb to 64mb. These two changes have made all the difference. If you're having direct3D problems, try these fixes.