View Full Version : GeForce (Creative's 3D Blaster Annihilator) ?

2nd Dec 1999, 07:32 PM
I've just purchased a Annihilator and am very dissapointed at its performance. I had been running a TNT2 Ultra without any issues in D3D and now suffer EXTREME frame loss under the GeForce in D3D. I switched to OpenGL and gained a few frames, but both D3D and OpenGL look god-awful. The player textures and paticle effects are all meshed and solid colored.

I'm fairly educated so I'm pretty darn sure I've installed everything correctly (most recent drivers, re-installed DirectX 7.0, even tried the Nvidia reference drivers).

System Specs.
PII 400
SB Live (Tried low and high audio settings)
Big 'ol HD

Anybody have any clues? I'm fairly certain this is a driver issue.


3rd Dec 1999, 04:09 AM
I have a CL Geforce, my system is a PIII500 128MB ram ASUS P2-99 MB win98. I have the latest drivers from CL installed and the memory clock speed at teh default (166mhz). I play Unreal in openGL and UT in D3D. UT looks awesome and runs great on my system, I am really impressed with it. Have you had a look at the AGP aperature in the bios, it is recommended that it be set at about 1/2 your system ram. Other than that I have no idea. There is a good site at http://3DGPU.com where you can get a lot of info about the geforce cards.

4th Dec 1999, 05:55 PM
You have to use the 3.56 Nvidia.

You can get on this page :

Chad C
4th Dec 1999, 09:32 PM
I also noticed there was a 3.58 Nvidia driver out there as well has anyone tried them out?

13th Dec 1999, 06:03 PM
jep that is running too but the 3.56 is the best on my computer!!!!