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12th Dec 1999, 07:29 PM
Problem: When trying to start UT my computer locks up with making a loud single pitched note with “Pre cache” frozen on my screen. So I then went to safe mode and disabled pre cache. Now upon changing resolution to 1024x768 my screen goes black and the computer freezes. Please help.

System Specs:

Pentium 3 500
Asus M/B P3BF with latest Bios flash (Uses BX chipset)
Diamond Viper Ultra with latest detonator drivers
256 Megs Ram (2 -128 Meg SIMMs)
SoundBlaster Live value with latest drivers
SoundBlaster 6X DVD Drive with Decoder board. (Yes latest drivers)
SoundBlaster Cd Reader writer
Western Digital 20 gig hard drive IDE
Zip Drive 3.5 Floppy
2 Diamond monster 2 8 Meg boards SLI
Diamond Supra Express External 56 k modem
Various USB peripherals.
I am running Windows 98 with all updates.
Internet Explorer
I have a lynksys 10/100-network card also. (Running latest drivers)

I of course am able to run in Glide with my Voodoo’s however I would like to run D3D with my viper TNT2 to enjoy the color benefits. Thanks FeRgus

13th Dec 1999, 05:57 PM
you have to use the 3.56 or 3.58 driver from
nvidia and also try the latest patch 402.

that is running on my computer with geforce.

i had tha same problem...