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2nd Dec 2000, 06:27 AM
Does anyone know if there is gonna be a Deus Ex Patch? I keep getting error messages when I save a game. I did use a little trick I discovered. At the Vandenberg Research Facility you can keep on typing the code for the energy activation to supply the bots. And when you do so, you keep getting 100 Skill Points. And I did the trick about 100 times to fill up every Skill to it's maximum. But this is the Problem: When I try to save (with the trick) I get a Exception Error that quits Deus Ex! Now I can't save and progress, 'cause Dues Ex autosave a lot between maps...

I don't know what to do, and if there comes a patch, would it solve my problem. If anyone else has the same trouble, please mail me or reply to this Thread.


14th Dec 2000, 05:43 AM
anyway ifound that trick out too. only got 2 or 3 skills with it, not all of them.

i think that the quitting is caused be lack of harddrive space.
when i tryed to save (regardless of the "cheat") it would have some screwed up error, then it would quit.
i freed up some space on my harddrive and it fixed it.

because it happens when you save, i would guess this is the problem

16th Dec 2000, 04:41 AM
I already solved the problem, it was a Data Mismatch Error, at least that was what the guy at Planet Deus Ex said. I just reinstalled, and replayed the whole game... Damn annoying. And no, I didn't cheat anymore.


25th Dec 2000, 11:29 PM
there's a multiplayer patch at http://www.deusex.com that fixes some other things as well

26th Dec 2000, 05:53 AM
Yes, well, would be an European Patch? I am NOT going to download >30MB for a patch that is only compactible with US Deus Ex.


27th Dec 2000, 02:02 AM
ok, I didn't notice it was just for the north american version... they'll propably release patches for all the other versions soon

27th Dec 2000, 06:02 AM
Ah Well, no need for a patch now. I finished Deus Ex! 3 Endings, and have seen em all. But it's quite an easy game, isn't it?


27th Dec 2000, 01:38 PM
I havn't beat it yet, I gave it to my brother for christmas so I havn't had long to play it

8th Jan 2001, 01:41 AM
Heh, the 4th ending is definately the best :)

10th Jan 2001, 09:24 AM
Yes, it certainly is the best one of the 3...


22nd Jan 2001, 06:45 AM
Anyone still reading this? I couldn't help notice Zodi@c's trick with the skill points. Well, you can do a similar trick with Gary Savage when you meet him on the roof of the same base. You will have to have saved his daughter earlier on though. Make sure you have a full inventory when Gary offers you the aug upgrade Denton will reject the offer but you will get 500 skill points instead. You can keep up this for as many times as you wish!