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3rd Dec 1999, 03:27 AM
? I can't find the Darn Detonators 3.56. I only find the 3.53. Hehe

I am not able to run any game in OpenGL for some reason. I though UT only supports D3D, but I might be wrong. I run HL, Q3 and other games on D3D w/ no problems.
Can they be "sucessfully" run in OpenGL?


3rd Dec 1999, 03:32 AM
If you have read my previous posts concerning TNT2 Ultra locking up while running the game, this might interest you...

I was able to install the TNT and run the game for over 12 hrs now w/o crashing. As you know I gave up on the TNT and got a Voodoo3 3000. Well first of all delete every reg key (3dfx) Run "regedit">edit>find type "3dfx" and search. Deleting every key refered to 3dfx(F3saves a step)) If you are not sure of the key >DO NOT DELETE IT!< You might crash your system. Then uninstall 3dfx tools, etc. (from control panel>add/remove progs. Then go to Device manager and make sure theres no Display adapter now. If there's 1,delete it.
Now (in my case) install the AGP miniport drivers, and any other MoBo, PCI to IDE brigde, or whatever drivers to update/upgrade you Mobo. Shutdown, replace Vid Card w/ TNT2 and restart. You have to use the CD rom for the intial driver install and then update to Detonator 3.53-6. Getting about 15-20 more fps and an awesome Graph Qual. lso cut down game load time to about 10-15 secs....
Hope this helps,

3rd Dec 1999, 10:35 AM
/~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif Awesome! /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif
That's pretty much what I did, except that I'm still using the Athlon Detonator release (v3.63). And I didn't have to do any registry editing as I hadn't yet bought that VooDoo3 I was thinking about.

Maybe I have the wrong driver release and that's why every game I try in OpenGL still crashes after a few minutes of play?

Can you run in OpenGL (I tried Half-Life, OP4, Tribes, Descent3, UT, & WoT)? I still can't /~unreal/ubb/html/frown.gif

Or maybe I have an old/incorrect verion of OpenGL installed? Didn't think that was possible with Win98. . . I'll look into it this weekend.

Thanks and I'm glad to hear it's working!

3rd Dec 1999, 04:00 PM
Well. Just ran UT on OpenGL for about an hour and 0 crashes. Tried from 800x600 to 1600x1200 and was able to maintain a decent fps, about 30 average at high res and 50+ at Lower res....
I think this TNT2 Ultra is happy now. I am still using the detonator 3.53, not .56...
Frag HAPPY /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

P.S. Going to run another 3DMark99 and post results

6th Dec 1999, 11:03 AM
you were running HL in D3D? I'm sorry. You missed out on a lot.... OpenGL looks SOOOOO much better for HL & OP4 - and since they're based on the Quake engine, even those 3dfx people can play in it using the miniGL driver.

In any case, I installed the 3.53 Detonator and I still get lockups. But, I wasn't as rigorous as you were about installing them. I just swiched the video adapter to "standard VGA", rebooted, installed the new driver, rebooted, and then switched back to the "TNT2 Ultra"

Perhaps I need a fresh OS too.

7th Dec 1999, 08:06 PM
WOW.... DAAH! hehe
I used to run HL on OpenGL w/ a V3 3000 using the 3dfxMini driver and it smoked. But when switched to tnt2 and kept on locking up under OpenGl, so did not dick with it too much and switch to D3. Just ran it on OpenGL and WOW!!! Looks awesome.....
heheh,,, OH well!

Thanks a LOT!

Frag HAPPY /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

13th Dec 1999, 01:50 PM
Well, I reinstalled the OS (again), and installed the 3.53 drivers. And it worked in D3D, and the OpenGL crashes were much less frequent - but they still occured.

Then I installed the Athlon Detonator drivers.

/~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif Everything is much better now /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

I don't know why - maybe there is a problem going from an old verion of the detonator driver directly to the Athlon release (leapfrogging 3.53)?

In any case, OpenGL still crashes, but only rarely now. Of course, there is no warning beforehand and it's a hard lock, so the old rule "Save now, save often!" still applies.

Oh yeah, and UT is still balls-slow in OpenGL, but what can you do?

13th Dec 1999, 02:44 PM
UT Slow in OpenGL? Man mine smokes but every 20-30 secs it starts "framing" (jumping a few frames)for a sec or two, but it's stable overall...

I agree w/ you. Maybe during the upgrade of the drivers and old .dll or something else stays behing and causes a conflict. Hmmm!
Who knows...

BTW...I haven't seen 1 crash since doing the full install in the order I described before. Have seen a few crashes when trying to bring the TNT2 to 185/225. It is stable till about 178-217 to 180/220.... So I should not complain.

Frag HAPPY /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif