View Full Version : Stay on the same team after server switches maps

1st Dec 2000, 12:04 PM
Hello guys, I've had this problem on every machine I try to play on. I have a LAN, most of the time I'm only running two PC's, sometimes more. The problem is I can't figure out why (say my wife and I) will both be on Red for one map, then when the server changes maps the client always is on blue. We both will change our "player preferences" to be on Red, and we've ran two or three different servers. They all do it. What setting am I needing to change. We are both running 4.36, and the game runs GREAT! EVERY time the server changes maps, the client goes to blue. It will NEVER stay on red. Oh, we are running bots, and the number of bots doesn't effect it, whether it be 2 or 16. Thanks

1st Dec 2000, 08:26 PM
I would be interested in finding an answer myself.I to play on a Lan between 2 computers for the most part.