View Full Version : Game Host Shutdown

12th Dec 1999, 03:35 AM
I hosted a game off of this computer for 2 days. I shut the server down and closed the game so that i could reboot my computer. When i tried to dedicate the game again, all it did was make the "U" icn down i the bottom right corner of "Winblows" and then it up and disappeared. I have no reason why the he| | this happened, please advise on what to do, it's getting on my nerves.

12th Dec 1999, 03:36 AM
this is for the demo, sorry bout that, forgot

12th Dec 1999, 03:58 AM
i just tried to start a new internet game, it says it ran out of "virtual" memory, help on freeing this up would be much appreciated, if you could in detail, because obviously i don't know much about the internal workings of a computer. thanx