View Full Version : d3d wont work!

12th Dec 1999, 12:36 PM
my version of ut demo runs great with direct3d (directx7), but my retail version wich has the latest patch, will not run in direct 3d, the error message is as follows and appears when the game is loading and the screen "flickers" to start up.
i have a ati rage pro turbo with the latest drivers.

failed to preallocate initial textures,8x8: dd_ok

history: alloc textures<-ud3drenderdevice::setres <-ud3drenderdevice::init<-uwindowsviewport::tryrenderdevice <-uwindowsviewport: /~unreal/ubb/html/redface.gifpenwindow <-ugameengine::init <-initengine

the game runs in all other modes,but the game looks so much better in direct3d mode, i dont understand why the demo works in this mode, but not the retail version?any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.