View Full Version : Why can't the US have a Canuck in charge?

24th Nov 2000, 04:45 AM
Geez, if the ppl running this US election had someone like Morety whooping A$$, you'd know who your president is by now! I must have missed something in my lurking over the months, but I like the way the forum is shaping up. Well erm, except for all these 'Aimbot' posts :(

Am I to believe that everyone now uses these freakin Aimbots? and ppl are now leaving the UT scene because of it? I seriously doubt it! Sure there are a few lamers with it, but there are also 2300+ servers available to play on!

If you find a llama, take a demo, leave the server and go find one that doesn't have a llama. It's not hard, I've been playing for 1 year now, and have only witnessed very few of the 'llama' tactics that a lot of you ppl's have.

Hmmm, I should really quit posting this late as I'm now totally lost in my thoughts. I just wanted to say I like having Morety sweep some of the dust under the rug. And also....

Canada kicks A$$!!!!

24th Nov 2000, 12:10 PM
w00t to this topic. :D

I'm going to try and stamp any thread I lock with a quick reason why. Hopefully, I won't have to lock many. There's a few of us m0derating in here trying to keep it clean. Thanks for the support.

An example I'll use to show what the aimbot could do to this game is Diablo. Raymond made a trainer so you could adjust your stats, give yourself items, etc. I could never play a public game of Diablo without running into somebody who killed me at the click of a button, or offered me Godly armour of the whale. I got to the point where I joined a clan, RHP-Really Honest Players, and only played online with them so we never had any hacked items. If this aimbot becomes largely availamable, people would use it. Looking at Diablo, it would be used a lot. :( I'd hate to limit myself to playing only private, passworded servers.

I've met a lot of fun people and great players on public servers, and that would (could) be taken away from me.

Oh, and with all I've seen, give it up Gore, Bush got elected. You're just wasting taxpayers money now. Leave it be, next. :)

24th Nov 2000, 09:03 PM
As an American I must say that it is indeed sad to see how the biased media and power hungry politicians are making us seem like a bunch of clowns over here,but what I personally learned from the whole thing is that MY vote really matters and I think alot of us (Americans) had thought prior to this whole mess that one vote didn't mean sh*t.Guess things will be different next election(hopefully).
as far as Aimbots go,I almost never win UT online matches and still do not feel the need to cheat in any way whatsoever."cheaters only cheat themselves"

25th Nov 2000, 02:20 AM
well I just hope I continue to not 'notice' this cheat, as I'm not sure I've seen it. I've never played Diablo, nor DII, and I sure as $#$# don't wanna leave the UT scene (the only reason I would is if everyone else did).

From the sounds of the posts I've been reading, it seems like a few ppl have given up right now. I've signed the petition for the cheat fix, and would also encourage everyone else to do so.

The CSHP is already mandatory on some UT ladders, so it seems the community, thankfully, is not gonna put up with it. BTW, wtf is up with the counting of these votes? I coulda counted them myself in this time... :(

I wanna see who's gonna be leading "our" country. And I'm Canadian!

25th Nov 2000, 03:07 AM
Outcome of our election? Another four years of piss-poor government, I fear.

Sure as heck don't want the Liberals back in. They've been awful. And sure as heck don't ever, ever want the Alliance in: who needs that bunch of jackbooted gestapo destroying everything we've worked on for the past century?

And what's that leave? The Conservatives, who are lead by a real nice guy, but who otherwise drove Canada into the ground during the Mulroon-expletive-deleted-ey. If only ol' Joe were, I dunno... the leader of a good party. I like Joe. Don't trust the rest of them.

There's the NDP. What a hopeless case. Wonderful ideals, but they'd absolutely destroy us.

As far as I can tell, I need to vote for the Rhino party.

But at least, when it's all said and done, we'll know who won. Only better system seems to be the Aussies; their Electoral Office actually *makes* money!

25th Nov 2000, 03:30 AM
Well there is this little glitch that allows only americans to become president. Somewhere in the US Constitution states that to be elgible for presidency one must be of american descent and some other rubbish.