View Full Version : ut crash,dunno why

7th Dec 1999, 05:47 PM
I have an unexpected problem with UT.all compononents are installed properly,but when I run it,I can play from 10 sec up to 5 min,but sometimes it crashes,showing a popup general protection error,or it stucks while playing.
So my question ,if there anyone out there who can help me with this imho very strange error.
Of course Directx an all components are installed properly.

7th Dec 1999, 05:55 PM
i would suspect your sound card/drivers/set up in UT as this seems to be the root of a lot of problems..

firstly, get new drivers for your sound card.

In UT, disable Use3DHardware in the Audio prefernces... also disable Reverb, Spatial and Filter in the UT advanced options.

If all this fails, try running UT in safe mode.. untick everything. THen tick and boxes related to sound (to disable them) and see if this solves your problem.

8th Dec 1999, 10:37 AM
This is the same problem that a lot of us are reporting. I have gone to great lengths to tweak my machine for this game, and I wish it was a simple sound driver issue, at least for me.Certainly go through all the steps described above, and if you do manage to isolate the problem, by all means post it here,I for one would like to see someone get this problem resolved.I for one have taken to sending Epic my UT log file every and I do mean every time the game crashes or I have to reboot because of the not responding issue. Good luck and post any positive results, or for that matter negative ones, maybe with some luck we can all get this thing solved and get on to the reason we bought this great game to begin with.

8th Dec 1999, 01:59 PM
also try setting UseDirectSound=false

slem sven
11th Dec 1999, 01:53 PM
i have exactly the same problem. plus i cant start a practice session. i have tried to disable all sound but the problem is still there. also i have tried both software and 3dfx acceleration but that dosnt solve it either.

please help!! it's very annoying to not be able to play this great game!!