View Full Version : cant find WINDOW.DLL

9th Dec 1999, 02:41 PM
The error message "cant find WINDOW.DLL" comes up after the gtinteractive splash screen comes up, and I get sent back to windows.

celeron 300a
128 mb ram
40x cdrom
netgear 100mb network card
creative ensonique sound
voodoo3 3000, agp

anyone have any ideas? This bites! I have a lan party at my house this weekend, and I won't even be able to play.



9th Dec 1999, 02:45 PM
This is caused by not running UT from the UnrealTournament/system directory. I bet you copied the unrealtournament.exe file to your desktop and tried to start the game from there.

If you still want to start the game from the desktop, create a shortcut for the .exe file, don't move the .exe file.

9th Dec 1999, 05:59 PM
You are right, I did copy the exe to the desktop! Setup didn't create a shortcut for me. I gotta get home to try this fix out. I've been hearing nuthin' but raves from Lt. Overflow about the assault maps for the last two days! If I don't post something in the next three hours (I'm playing Mr. Mom, diapers, cereal, baths, stories, etc.) you'll know I'm knee deep in bots with my cornea pressed close to the sniper scope.

10th Dec 1999, 09:48 PM
aaahhhh. I think I have to go to bed, now, and dream of the ripper.