View Full Version : 432 Patch errors

21st Nov 2000, 08:03 AM
I downloaded the new 432 patch. The editor now runs perfectly, but the rest of the game is messed up.Itwon't close properly. It doesn't refresh the windows desktop, it just displays the last in game shot. Alt F4 will close windows, but this is not too convenient.!!
NE1 experiencing the same problems, HELP!

Fear the Beard
21st Nov 2000, 08:28 AM
Try 436?

21st Nov 2000, 08:42 AM
If that doesn't help, you'll have to set your game resolution to something different from your desktop resolution. Perhaps dis/enabling bDirectDraw or something helps too, but I haven't had that problem for months now.

21st Nov 2000, 08:51 AM
I have also had problems with the original Unreal, which I loaded on after the patch!!. Free space 2 also will not close properly, and NBA Live 99 (my brother!!) :D brings up an error saying that Direct Draw is "Locked". It also says I "cannot make calls to the audio library" but this might be specific to NBA. I will get 436, but I don't anticipate anything. We have re-re-installed Direct X but the errors persist. We plan to back everything up and format C: and start again from scratch. It needs doing even if it does sound drastic.

22nd Nov 2000, 04:53 AM
No matter, we installed IE5.5 and that seems to have unlocked my direcdraw surfaces, whatever that means. Now I have to download a new patch, the bonus pack and U4E all over again!! :(