View Full Version : Crappy sound

9th Dec 1999, 11:59 PM
I tried not to pay attention to that by it started to piss me off:
Every time i play UT after i've finished first map, during first minute of playiing on the next map i got NO sound but music. The sound starts to appear eventually in a kind'a odd way - via very crappy clattering of some sort, and in about a minute it's normal.

Does anyone got the same problem? It's only a minute of deaf playing, but i got fragged at least 5 times during it!

10th Dec 1999, 03:57 AM
well i dont have your problem but this seems like a good place to put mine. in the CTF map with the sub there is this sound that starts to come through my speekers and it sounds like a firer alarm it gets worse and worse untill its all i can hear then it gets so loud i have to stop the game or the speekers are going to blow out. i know its not the speekers them self cuz i tried headphones?.. it dont happen in anyother game or map in UT.