View Full Version : UT Demo 348 Critical Error at load...

9th Dec 1999, 04:53 AM
When attempting to load UT Demo 348, I get to the UT splash screen.
When the screen goes to black, there is a pause. Then, I am returned to
the desktop with the following Critical Error:

Assertion failed: Expected Pointer == CacheMemory + MemTotal
[File:E:\unreal220\core\Src\UnCache.cpp][Line: 256]

History: 1 <- FMemCache::CheckState <- FMemCache::Init <-
FGlideTMU::Init <- UGlideRenderDevice::SetRes <-
UGlideRenderDevice::Init <- UWindowsViewport::TryRenderDevice
<- UWindowsViewport::OpenWindow <- UGameEngine::Init <-

This is with the Glide device selected. It will load with Direct3D,
but the menu screen is completely corrupted. However, I can load in
SafeMode by turning everything off, and loading it in windowed mode.
But, it does appear to be software rendering (regardless of whether I
select Disable 3D Video in SafeMode menu). If I press <Alt+Enter> to
force it into fullscreen mode, the game returns to windows -- again with
the above error. My system information is as follows:

64 meg SDRAM
Creative Lab's Voodoo Banshee
Soundblaster Live Value
Latest driver sets for both, and DirectX 7.0
450 meg free on HDD
VERY few programs running in background

I would very much like to play this demo, and determine if I should buy the game. I would appreciate any information you could provide me in this matter. I have looked all over the web sites, and newsgroups,and I cannot locate any information on this error.

Thank you.

P.S. I sent mail to Epic on their 348 address, and they returned an automated message saying they were no longer taking bug reports... Man.