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9th Dec 1999, 12:51 AM
Does anyone know the config command line to alter the lighting or brightness..ive attempted to do so by uping the brightness bar in the ut options however this isnt enough it's too dark to play....i know in q3 the command is r_intensity "x"..so can someone help me /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

9th Dec 1999, 01:13 AM
this probably isn't what your looking for but in the console you can type
" brightness " (without the quotes). this should allow you to cycle thru the values
1-10. I believe the default is 7. Every time you type brightness it will raise up 1 point. After 10 it goes back to 1 and the screen turns black. just keep typing it and the screen will slowly fade in.....

9th Dec 1999, 01:19 AM
one more thing....
to speed this up you can bind a key to brightness..
example: set input <keyname> <binding>

example: set input x brightness

now the x key toggles the brightness

9th Dec 1999, 01:40 AM
ya i tried that but that doesnt seem to be enough... im looking for a specific console command...something that would decrease the shadows