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27th Nov 1999, 12:52 PM
why cant i connect my two computers at home with less than 700 ping? they are both lightning fast 450p3 and 500p3 with vodoo3's fast ethernet cards and a 10 meg hub....what gives, all other multi player games work fantastic but UT is 700 ping, i dont get it, UT couldnt possibly need more then a 10meg/sec hub could it? quake3 runs at 10 ping in my house.what could be the problem?help,help,help!multiplay support unavailable from UT tech.

27th Nov 1999, 01:04 PM
Are you running one machine as a dedicated server? This does not work with UT as the person trying to play on the dedicated server will get horrible play. Just click the start button to the right of the dedicated server button, and you'll have a listen server running.
If this isn't your problem, I have no idea what else you could try. I presume that you have tcp/ip protocol bound to your ethernet adapters?

27th Nov 1999, 02:39 PM
ok, too further this sinario, i decided to disconnect the hub and internet completely and run a crossover cat5 directly between the two pcs too see if that fixed the lat problem, well now you cant even see the other lan game, this sucks! yes the cord is good because i can browse back and forth on each computer, so knowing that ----what gives? of course i have tcp/ip bound to the fast ethernet cards. apparently (refering to the first message posted) the reason the ping was 700 is because UT was going out into ??internet?? from the hub then coming back to my house to eventually find my other computer
weird huh? so i guess i just cant play UT in my house with my friends, unless some guru of all games can give me advice!!!

27th Nov 1999, 04:34 PM
Ok, now this sounds like a more familiar problem. You need to specify a permanent IP address to your ethernet card tcp/ip properties. Use something like for one machine and for the next machine. Give them both identical subnet masks: Then it should work.
You might have troubles with the game trying to dial up your ISP, so open your IE browser and go to tools/internet options/connections and select "never dial a connection". Then add a shortcut to dial up your ISP before opening your browser for regular surfing.

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27th Nov 1999, 05:01 PM
thanks for the advice. the problem is exactly that, the ip addresses assigned by my isp (@home) are not even on the same subnet. there fore,UT had to go to the @home router to find out where the hell the computer in the same room was located, hence a 700 ping. by giving ip adresses to my pcs that reside in the same subnet, the machines can now see each other with a nice low ping! its just too bad i will have to switch these addresses every time but, hey its unreal tournament!!!i hope this will help anyone else who may ;have similar setups, and chaulk up a nother negative for @home cable for selling me two different ip addresses on different subnets!!

27th Nov 1999, 11:57 PM
Man, that is really inconvenient! Can you phone them and ask them to change both of them to the same subnet mask?
What about adding another ethernet card to each machine? If you don't use a modem, chances are that you will have an interrupt available for a second card. Hell, it's only money!

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8th Dec 1999, 06:30 PM

I too have @Home. I use 100BaseT Nic's and a 10/100 switch. The cable modem is connected to the switch as is the 2 gaming machines, duH. Any way @Home issued me another static IP address for my second machine, and it's of cource on the same Class A subnet, so my ping times are sub 30 mSec. Only gripe I have is it costs an additional $5/mon. for the IP. But at least each machine hase Internet with out renewing IP#'s BTW u DON'T have to reboot when you change your IP's. -try it-

You could run a private IP network behind your cable modem connecting it to a second NIC in one machine. That would allow both machines to share your cable modem, printers and see each other for LAN games. You can use WIN98SE, WIN2K to share the cable modem or a SysGate type program to preform NAT if your using a pre-WIN98SE OS. I tried it but found you sacrifice online DM performance for convience. Better to get a second static IP especially if your running a dedicated server http://dynamic.gamespy.com/~unreal/ubb/html/icons/icon12.gif