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6th Dec 1999, 12:14 PM
I'm running UT dedicated server and I can't get the WWW remote admin to work. Any suggestions? I type in the IP # to the server and my web broswer resovles to the UT Server's name (Smash House) not the machines host name (CJ***), which implies the UT server web hook is resonding to the browser request but nothing after that.

6th Dec 1999, 01:29 PM
Try setting your port to something other than 80 in the .ini file ... set to like 7780 or something. Then type the URL as the ip address and the port number of the game server like

if that doesn't work email me and i'll try to help ya

6th Dec 1999, 01:53 PM
Thx, I'll try it.

6th Dec 1999, 08:08 PM
Hey Dragon,

I tried changing the listen port to 7780, but was unable to attach thru a web server to the UT dedicated server.

BTW my browser computer is running on the same hub as my dedicated UT server, that should simplify the troubleshooting process.

Got any other ideas?

7th Dec 1999, 05:04 PM
I getting similar results.

When I enter just the IP addres, I get 404 error.

When I enter /ServerAdmin I get finding server name. Then unable to connect to site.

Is there a Web Admin FAQ somewhere?

7th Dec 1999, 06:30 PM
I know what your talking about in the web admin stuff in advanced options for the server name you need to put in the IP of the machine, othrwise it tries to resolve the name of the machine as a webserver.

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8th Dec 1999, 01:33 PM
Changing the value of the server name to the IP# in the preferences->webadmin makes sense, I'll try that. BTW I ran UT dedicated server on my WIN2K workstation and i connected to it via www fine. But still unable to connect via webadmin on the WIN2K Server. Will post any new results soon.