View Full Version : Sound delay when playing UT online?

Capt. Camshaft
28th Nov 1999, 10:58 PM
This is odd... half the time when I start UT when I'm connected to my ISP, the sound effects, even in the menus. is delayed by about one second. If I start UT when offline; this hasn't happened yet.

When it does happen, and I try closing UT and running it again, the sound is still delayed by a second until I end task "unrealtournament" from my Close program list.. after I end-task the "Not responding window"; it works fine. My sound card is an AWE64 Gold, and this never happened before I upgraded my Logitech mouse drivers to 8.62... I'll try it without em_exec running... Yes, I have DX7 installed.

8th Dec 1999, 04:19 AM
I too experience this problem intermittently. I have a SB16.. Dont think it has anything to do with mouse or mouse drivers though. Shutting down game and relaunching usually does the trick for me though. But it is still a pain... Come to think of it, I downloaded the remove cd check crack that also shortens the launch time considerably, and I haven't experienced the prob since then. hmm.