View Full Version : == 800+ ping on all servers *HELP* ==

4th Dec 1999, 07:33 PM
I am experiencing technical difficulties of a major kind. I have a one way cable modem(downstream) and a 56k connection for uploading. My Quake 1-3 pings are all 150-200 solid, but no matter what UT server I connect to,I experience 800+(usually 1500). Whats goin oN and How do I fix it??!! Is there a patch or WHAT!!

6th Dec 1999, 12:54 PM
As the Oracle said to Neo in THE MATRIX:
I hate giving good people bad news.

Due to its asynchronous behavior your gonna experience horrendous packet loss in UT.

I had a one way cable modem too. It was fast DL but sloooooooow upstream. It was the best gig around for me (no DSL in my area, ISDN was too pricey and fractional T1 was astronomically expensive).

Until your cable TV provider upgrades their cable plant to support bi-directional cable modems, ya gonna have to suffer.

When my provide finally offered bi cable, I noticed a huge increase in UL speed and reliability.

7th Dec 1999, 12:32 AM
Thanks a bunch!! That seem sto make sense. I still dont get why quake doesnt have aproblem though. Oh well, I got so tired of it I am ordering DSL. Thats one way to solve a problem =p