View Full Version : D3D problems... please read!

6th Dec 1999, 06:05 PM
I just got UT (great game), but I'm having problems with my video card. I have both a Diamond Monster II Voodoo2 and a Diamond Viper V770 Ultra TNT2 installed on my computer. First of all, the game only detects my Voodoo2 card - I have to select other graphics options to try D3D. It runs smooth with my Voodoo2, but with D3D using my Viper V770 Ultra TNT2 it runs horrible and takes forever to Precache. It runs so choppy it isn't even playable! I tried OpenGL, but that just ran 10x worse. I can play it fine using my Voodoo2 card, but I'd like to be able to play in D3D using my TNT2 because it supports higher resolutions and 32-bit color. BTW, my friend has the same TNT2 card and the UT demo runs fine on his PC. I can run other games, like Q3A with no trouble using my TNT2. I also have all the latest drivers. What's going on?


6th Dec 1999, 07:27 PM
I have a V550 and have to use D3D to get a reasonable fps. It works in OpenGL, but the fps is quite a bit less.
UT is made for Glide, so use the voodoo, you won't miss the 32-bit(much) when you have the great fps