View Full Version : What pyramid scheme post? NT.

9th Nov 2000, 12:40 AM

17th Nov 2000, 07:29 AM
what's up alien8? JC Denton after your ass? :) Well, what is a pyramid scheme post anyhow?

1st Dec 2000, 12:03 AM
Nice avatar alien! :D

Now, what does NT mean?

1st Dec 2000, 12:18 PM
Vortex: A pyramid scheme is when someone tells you to send $5 to everyone in this post/email, and add your name to the email, and then forward it to everyone you know. you are then supposed to get $5 from everyone that sees that email, and everyone they forward it to would give you $5 as well, etc, etc. Its actually illegal, so I deleted it.

R-B: NT means means No Topic - everything I had to say was in the Subject ;)

1st Dec 2000, 02:35 PM
That's what I thought, but then that just sounds like an oxymoron (no topic & you do your entire post in the subject line! :D)