View Full Version : Does anyone have a GE-Force ?

6th Dec 1999, 01:12 PM
Guillemot 3D Prophet

I have a problem getting UT to run in Direct 3D,I get the precaching screen the music starts for a split second I get a glimpse of the intro level, then bang General Protection Fault.
My System
256mb RAM
Asus P3BF
Sblive! with liveware 3.0
titan II ibm hard disk
and the GE-force prophet

it works in open GL but as the game states it is experimental and is quite buggy.I've tried the drivers below, both the reference and the vendor ones.

Nividia 3.53, 3.56, 3.62
Guillemot 3.53, 3.62 as well as the shipping drivers
I've formatted my HDD, done a fresh install of windows 98 SE installed Direct X 7.0 but to no avail.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated