View Full Version : Unreal and A3D?

6th Dec 1999, 12:55 AM
Ever since I got my MX300 sound card, I've been wondering something. Unreal is supposed to take advantage of A3d 2.0 correct? and yet, when I enable 3D hardware in the advanced sound options it sounds no different than when I didn't have the card. Is Unreal supposed to sound any different like with UT or does it not take advantage of effects like that?
BTW, I have the 225 patch and all the newest A3D drivers and sound card drivers installed.

6th Dec 1999, 11:26 AM
In the release notes it mentions that A3D is not supported in the latest release but that they are working on it(yeah right, that would explain why there hasn't been a new patch since may). On my SB Live it sounds quite nice, haven't tried it on a vortex card though. If there are drivers for it that have EAX support try downloading them.