View Full Version : HD being accessed to much ??

4th Dec 1999, 09:35 AM
One wee small problem ......

I have noticed my Hard drive is being accessed frequently..whilst playing UT..that did not happen in the UT demo, wtf?

I have a 128 MB ram, defragged disc, 150 mb virtual swap file running at cel300a@450 mhz with a Cougar TNT2/32 mb ram on D3D at 600x800/16 bit...

Everytime the game accesses the HD ,my game hangs up or slows and I get fragged... BUMMER>>

4th Dec 1999, 01:04 PM
amen brother. you might have seen my mega rants on that subject before. but the thing is that for me anyways the HD light does NOt come on, yet it totally freezes for about 1 second. only in the first level of a server then it doesnt do it anymore. never did it in the demo at all. sucks.

5th Dec 1999, 03:25 AM
damn UT practically in luv with my HD !! Demo was much betta performance wise. PII 450/128meg/ragefury. Also notice slows to crawl in close combat. You can run fast as hell through empty halls/corridors though. Woopie.

5th Dec 1999, 08:22 AM
Methinks 128mb RAM is not enough..hard to believe, the UT reatil box says minimum 32mb RAM....recommended 64 mb RAM....BOLLOCKS!

I don't feel like buying an extra 32mb ram just because Epic hasn't fixed the exessive CPU useage in UT,..... were is our patch for UT? and were is the patch 226 for Unreal?

5th Dec 1999, 11:29 PM
I have 196 MB of RAM and I get the same problem.
Seems like this doesn't happen to 3dfx users for some reason, though... hrmm.

5th Dec 1999, 11:39 PM
It's a bug in nVidia drivers where the textures are loaded twice, halving the VRAM, and the game is forced to go for the swap file.