View Full Version : Jump spots and Kickers? Enlightenment please

6th Nov 2000, 01:31 PM
I've got an attach mover which lowers to the ground carrying a shieldbelt with it. The problem I'm having is getting the bots to jump onto the platform to grab it.

Could the problem be that the bots still see the Shieldbelt at keyframe 1 (which is in the air) and not at keyframe 2 (ground level)?

I've tried a lot of ideas out including increasing the shieldbelt's desireability, adding a pathnode where the shieldbelt comes to rest...but still no results.

I'm sure the answer lies in the use of jump spots or kickers, but to be honest, I'm unsure how they work. All the tutorials I've read seem to hold Kickers' explanations back for a 'future' tutorial!

Any help would be appreciated.

The Funky Gibber.

6th Nov 2000, 06:05 PM
Have you tried the LiftCentre/LiftExit pairing?

7th Nov 2000, 07:07 AM
yeah, that idea has potential. at least the lift center is meant to stay with the mover, so when its not at ground level they shouldnt try to get to it, as they might with a translocator point, for instance.

7th Nov 2000, 05:16 PM
I've set the "Z" properties all the way up to 200 and still no kick. any idea what I've done wrong or missed out? Thanks.