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3rd Dec 1999, 04:07 PM
Heya all...
Been tweaking my system and trying to find the best setts for Video/Mem/CPU... OF Course! Aren't we all. After troubleshooting w/ Athlon/FIC MoBo/TNT2 combo I finally found a very stable setting /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

So if you have 3DMark99(if not got to http://download.cnet.com/downloads/0-10045-100-905692.html?tag=st.dl.10001_10 3_1.lst.titledetail) (http://download.cnet.com/downloads/0-10045-100-905692.html?tag=st.dl.10001_103_1.lst.titledetail)) Please run a benchmark and post results here. Also include all your system specs.
I will post mine soon...
Thanks a Lot!!!

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3rd Dec 1999, 04:37 PM
Here's my first 1....
Athlon 550MHz (not o/c now)
256RAM PC100(generic)
TNT2 Ultra w/ detonator 3.53, clocked to 170/210 w/ tntclk
FIC SD11 MoBo latest BIOS
Aureal Vortex 2.0 w/ latest drivers
Have virtual mem sett to 2.5 RAM avail(640)
And system as a Network Server.

Not my best bechmark but it's what I got:

5549 3D Marks
9738 CPU 3DMarks

And please post real results so we can make this as scientific as possible... And therefore help everyone tweak their machines /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

Thanks a LOT!

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