View Full Version : Excessive precaching and...

3rd Dec 1999, 01:19 AM
I've seen problems related to this in the forum but nothing exactly like it -- it may be what you all TNT2 owners are talking about.

I have a p3 450 wtih 128megs of ram, with a v770 ultra tnt2... plenty meat for UT. The game runs fine---kind of. The only problem is precaching takes more than two full mintes, I timed it, and then once the match starts, there is an approximately 1 second pause whenever I see something new, like a person, a weapon or a texture. That makes the first few minutes of DM excruciating.

I downloaded the latest SB Live drivers, the latest Diamond drivers, the latest detonator drivers. I tried turning off precache.

Even more extreme jerkiness initially w/o precache, w/precache same deal. Long wait, LONG wait, then long wait nbetween frames if you know what I mean.

I tried lowering the textures and detail to the max. That makes the choppiness less when it happens, but it still rudely intrudes on a normally perfectly smooth gameplay.

Very frustration! Suggestions would be appreciated.

I'm having tons of hard drive reading during play--is my 128 mg of ram bloated by windows or something? This sucks buttx0r. Help an Id Fanboy repent.