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27th Nov 1999, 02:28 PM
Whenever I set bEnabled to True in the UnrealTournament.ini file in the UWeb section, I get an error message during startup that says unable to bindport during the loading of the UWeb package. Any clues?

28th Nov 1999, 01:25 AM
Are you running a web server on the same port as the remote admin (usually 80)?

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28th Nov 1999, 01:06 PM
Yes, but I've changed the ListenPort entry in the UnrealTournament.ini file to 1000 and tried

Still getting connection refused messages. Any other help would be appreciated, as I'd like to run a server.

30th Nov 1999, 03:07 AM
Try running on a port above 1024. Only root can bind a port <1024. Unless of course you wanna run the server as root, this would of course be a bad idea.

1st Dec 1999, 01:45 PM
Much appreciated, I got it to work with a higher port number.