View Full Version : Unreal LockUps & Crashes

28th Nov 1999, 07:32 PM
Someone please help me. I just got Unreal Tourney and the damn thing keeps crashing whenever i play it. I have a PIII 550 384 RAM, 17 gig hd with 2-3 gig left, Diamond Viper V770, SB Live, etc... I was running viper drivers 4.02 but i got the new detonator drivers to see if it would help and no luck. I have DX 7.0 installed before this game and Q3 and all my other games work fine. The crashes occur after i start a game and usually occurs about 1-5min in either just lock up or sometimes it boots me out with a Windows Critical error that 5 lines long and at the end it says >Main Loop. Quake 3 works great but this damn game dont. Also I have reinstalled 3 times to no avail. I have done everything to get this game to work. My friend is running a similiar system with 256 RAM and same video card and his is working great. This never happened to me with the demo. If anyone can help please email me at higherpowercpu@yahoo.com