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27th Nov 1999, 05:40 PM
Every time I try to run UT retail, I get this cute little error:
I can't get into any games, I have tried numerous reinstalls, and safe-mode does nothing useful. I played the demo for three weeks and this never happened. BTW, I'm running dual V2's on a P2-300 with a Diamond Viper 330 and 128 RAM.

27th Nov 1999, 08:20 PM
I get the same problem! But I have had the benefit of creating more than just that error. /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

I have had this problem and then other error messages after reinstalling. I have reloaded my system twice now, lol. I'll start taking screen shots like you did and post them here.

If anyone can help, it would be great and I would be very thankful!

27th Nov 1999, 11:28 PM
Might I suggest that you send these error messages to UTbugs@epicgames.com This was actually a email site for demo bugs but maybe they will still get channeled to the right place.

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28th Nov 1999, 04:31 PM
I get a very similar error message "Critical Error- Windows has run out of virtual memory"
and the same GPF fault Loop =(

HAHAHA yeah right Im using a 16 GB C: drive with 12 GB FREE!!!! I call BS...
I think Ill go back to the DEMO!!! AT LEAST IT WORKS!

28th Nov 1999, 04:44 PM
I was able to stop the startup errors I was having by doing the following below.

1. placed the CD in and after autorun I selected uninstall
2. reboot after uninstall
3. manually remore the c:\UT (short sp) folder
4. rebooted
5. placed the UT CD back into the CDROM and installed, everything, even DX7 which I already had.

I did this 3 times (3 times!) before UT would stop giving me errors on startup.
I realize this doesn't make much sence. none the less this was the only thing that got me working. lol.

Hope this helps you out /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif, if not, best of luck fixing it. /~unreal/ubb/html/frown.gif


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28th Nov 1999, 05:42 PM

I noticed that there is a Direct 3d bug workaround to enable D3D support. I personally never enabled D3D after install and only tried 3dfx glide. Did any of you enable D3D and did you still have this problem? Im at work right now but im gonna try that workaround and enable D3D when I get home. Maybe it will work. Just a thought =)