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25th Nov 1999, 06:01 PM
I have a problem... With my video card (a Guillemot 3d Prophet - GeForce256) UnrealTournament GPFs on me just as the cinematic is starting. I see the "precaching" message and then...


System Processor - AMD Athlon 650 / 3D Now!
Card - NVIDE GeForce 256, BIOS
Display Driver NVDISP.DRV -
DirectDraw Driver NVMINI.VXD -

Fresh Directx7 installation from Micrsoft web site.

25th Nov 1999, 06:46 PM
Athlon? Those don't play well with NV10 cards. Get the new compatible drivers, see if that helps. Look especially for "AMD Athlon Compatible"

25th Nov 1999, 06:53 PM
Thanks you, Ding. Unfortunately thes are the latest drivers, that supposedly fix the Athlon/GeForce thing.

Windows 95/98 drivers update version 3.62 for 3D Prophet.

Improvement made:
- In the course of their Quality Assurance testing process, NVIDIA and AMD discovered potential system issues when a GeForce 256 based board is installed in a PC using AMD's Athlon processor and 750 core logic chip set. NVIDIA and AMD worked cooperatively to address this issue and offer the following solution. Guillemot's version 3.62 release driver, based on NVIDIA's version 3.62 reference driver, detects this core logic chip set and optimizes system settings to correct this issue.

Trouble is, they're still broken for me. =(

25th Nov 1999, 08:10 PM
Do you have the latest AGP miniport driver?http://www1.amd.com/athlon/config

Did you make the mistake of buying a FIC SD11 board?

I've a Matrox G400 MAX on the MSI Athlon board (Athlon 550), and have had only one problem (Matrox's installer thought I had a PIII, and installed the wrong TurboGL driver), and no problems related to hardware or AGP driver compatibility.

28th Nov 1999, 05:43 AM
Has anyone gotten a geforce working with
unreal tournament? (retail or demo)

I was working perfectly fine with my
TNT2 (3.53 drivers, windows 95 with 1.026 vgartd.vxd)

Switched to Leadtek Winfast geforce 256.
the Leadtek drivers (version of Nvidia 3.53)
Nvidia 3.53
Nvidia 3.62

The 3.62 cause flashing. The 3.53 variants
cause a fault with the long trace chain
of routines mentioned.

I have Directx 7.0 fine.

OpenGL works (slow), as does software rendering. Not overclocked.

Something must be broken in the software, it seems to me.


28th Nov 1999, 07:02 AM
Okay, I seem to have gotten myself in
business, although I swear I was in this
state before and it didn't work.

Right now I'm back to the Leadtek drivers
(3.53a variant of the 3.53 Nvidia drivers)
and using 1.026 Vgartd.vxd (cause I've
got 440bx with windows 95 (hard to believe

I did the Vgartd.vxd install myself. Maybe leadtek didn't do it right. will have to check. In any case UT (demo) and (retail) both work great now. (D3D)

(note the Vgartd.vxd doesn't apply to win98)

I had also removed all the nv* stuff
I had in windows\system. Still don't understand why it didn't work right the first