View Full Version : Connection Problem (Video Related?)

25th Nov 1999, 08:11 PM
I am running a 600 P3,Voodoo3,ISDN line.

When I connect I get really high pings 1000-3000 and the phone jack comes on...when I'm in 3dfx mode.

If I run it with software video my connection,ping is fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


28th Nov 1999, 12:42 AM
Well, that is one I haven't heard before! Check device manager and see if all your hardware is properly set up with no conflicts (no yellow exclamation points on anything). Install directx7. Run dxdiag from the program files/directx/setup folder. Run through all the tests and see if it comes up with anything.

You may have a video driver corruption or conflict with old versions of drivers for your current video card. If this is the case you'll need to do the "BIG" uninstall of your video card. What I mean is to completely remove all the relevant driver files from your Windows/system and start fresh.

Have the latest version of the voodoo drivers all extracted and ready for installation in a folder you can remember.

Empty your recycle bin first so that you can easily restore (if neccessary) any files that you are going to be deleting.

Check in your windows/inf/other folder for a file pertaining to your video card (it should be self evident). Open this file in notepad and write down the names/locations of the files that it says it has installed in your computer. Next, delete this .inf file to prevent windows from automatically reinstalling your card. Delete any duplicate or outdated or incorrect .inf files from old installations. Then, delete what files you can from the list that you made (they should be located in the windows/system folder). Some of them may be in use and can be removed later in safe mode. Watch for other filenames in windows/system that seem to be very similar in name to the files you are deleting but that are not on your list. These may be moved to another temporary folder to be deleted later (with caution as they may pertain to some other device). Go to device manager and remove your display adapter. Reboot into windows safe mode and delete the rest of the files that were in use before that you couldn't delete.
Then reboot in normal mode and reinstall your video card. Point windows to the folder that you had the latest driver files saved in when it asks for a disk. Since the voodoo drivers come with their own setup program, it would be safe to run that again, too, after your machine is up and running, in case it needs to do some more registry changes.