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22nd Oct 2000, 03:56 PM
My name is Chris Hodgins. I am a computer programmer, excelling in the C++ language. I am looking for a development team to assist me on creating a single player modification for Unreal.

The modification will be based on the Sci-Fi/Horror film 'Event Horizon' following ths story, but I'm also being careful not to get too involved into the original story to avoid copyright lawsuits.

I myself, can handle the programming area of the mod's development, but I could use assistance with:

-Map Design
-3D Modeling & Animating
-Texture Art
-Character & Weapon Art
-Sound Creation & Editing

Depending on how the project works out, I would consider forming a game company with the original members, and begin making retail games. I am very dedicated and hard working, and I am hoping to find team members that also share these attributes.

There is no webpage for this project yet, as I feel that one is not required this early in development. A website should be used for promotion, not a progress report.

I hope that someone takes the time to read this, and I look forward to hearing any responses from the people of this wonderful forum.

Chris Hodgins
Lead Programmer
Email: c.hodgins@home.com
ICQ# : 25417039

A reply to this thread would also be sufficiant, as I will check daily for any interesting feedback and offers listed.

Thank You again.

Chris Hodgins

23rd Oct 2000, 12:01 PM

I am also a C++ programmer and was thinking about making a mod too, but I figured it would be too much work by myself. But, since you are making a team, I am very interested in helping you out in any way that I can. Besides creating this mod, I can help create a website for you.

Let me know what you think and also give me some more info on your ideas towards the mod.