View Full Version : TNT2 Ultra question

22nd Nov 1999, 08:01 PM
For those who use this particular video card, what rendering driver do you choose within the advanced options?

Open GL forces precaching and locks up during the matches as the hard drive tries to keep up.

Choosing another doesn't pre cache but causes a strange effect where only one or two letters show up per line of text per word. This effects the menus and ingame text.

I have already downloaded the latest detonator for the card but still not sure of the fix.

Thank you for any help.


23rd Nov 1999, 12:57 AM
Mine was running fine under open GL when I would first start it it would pre cache thats the only time it would do it. Since then I have conected a voodoo2 1000 to my TNT Ultra and the pre caching stopped now the only problem I am having is the 3DFX chip heats up and my frame rate drops like a rock but I think I have solved this problem to. Also my hard drive is spinning at 7200 rpm and I have 128mb ram maybe thats why mine only cached at start up

27th Nov 1999, 01:34 PM
I've got a TNT2 Ultra and I use Direct3D. OpenGL runs like garbage. I haven't come across any strange text anamolies like yours though. Maybe you should try a reinstall? It also helps to keep those High res settings down. I have a fairly good system. PII-400, 96 RAM but my res is at 640*480 with skin and texture resolution set at medium. And sound is set to low quality.