View Full Version : Does any one now how to cure UT hic-ups ?

26th Nov 1999, 11:21 PM
Does any one now how to cure UT hic-ups in the retail version ? I had thisa problem in the early ver of the demo but the patch fixed it, but now i have the problem in retal. An ideas

I think, I think, therefor I think I think I might just be... I think ..?

27th Nov 1999, 05:38 AM

27th Nov 1999, 01:24 PM
It all depends on what type of system your using. I have a P400, 96 RAM with a tnt2 ultra and it ran like crap. Don't use OpenGL, use Direct3d. It's a thousand times better if your using a non-voodoo card. OpenGL support is experimental. Often, hard drive swapping is solved with more RAM. I'd guess that, in reality, 64 is the minimum, no matter what the Minimum System Requirement call for.