View Full Version : UT-Browser sending malformed request?

26th Nov 1999, 12:36 AM
I've had UT for two days. The game loads up fine. Multiplayer has not worked fine. When I
choose multiplayer: find internet game, the news window opens up and I get this error: Browser error, Your browser sent a
malformed request. When I click on the other tabs for the different games, it keeps querying the master server, but
nothing ever gets out through the modem. I can still do practice sessions wth no problems. If I run the UT Demo right after the problem with the released UT, the servers load up fine for it, so Iknow it's a problem unique to UT 400. I have tried reinstalling it after it happens and everything worked fine...it got the server lists and didn't crash, etc. But after a couple of hours, I
go to play again, and get the same browser error. I can definitely get out to the web, because netscape and internet explorer are working fine.
What's the problem?