View Full Version : New mod idea

18th Oct 2000, 10:28 AM
I had this idea for a mod.It wouldn't be difficult to make ,although you need to know a bit of uscript.
It would be a new option that would appear under the windows that lets you start a new practice session or the one that lets you start a server.
It would let you create some custom lists of map arranged by theme and then the server (or local game) would go through that list of maps automatically.
Let's say you create a map list called 'polar' with maps such as: dm-zeto,dm-siberia,dm-tundra][,etc...
You could also have another map list called 'around the world' with maps with different settings (egyptian,urban,jungle,desert,...)
The interest would be that you can launch the type of maplist that you want in one click.
The server would display custom messages at the beggining and you could associate mutators with maplists.
I hope you understand my idea,I thought about that last night,it would improve the interest of single player.
I think it wouldn't be too hard to code using Uscript but I don't have the time for that so I release this idea in the public domain,hoping that someone would be interested...