View Full Version : Question about joining my dedicated server...

25th Nov 1999, 01:41 AM
Hi, I'm running a dedicated server and when I try to join my server using the same computer that the server is on, I get that disconnected icon on the right side of the screen. Is there anyway to play using the same computer as the dedicated server? I know you can play if you make a non dedicated one, but I would like to run a dedicated one and play on it using the same comp. Thanks.

25th Nov 1999, 01:42 AM
sorry..but that would be for Unreal Tournament.

25th Nov 1999, 07:59 AM
you just dont do it. running a dedicated server means...yup you guessed it, that the computer is dedicating all its resources to UT. now when you join you screw that all up and now the system doesnt know what to do, and it just slows to a crawl.

if you play alot on your own server, just run a listen (non-dedicated) server all the time and at least when u wanna play youll be able to no problem. the actual gameplay impact to players using your server is minimal given you have a good solid computer hosting (P3,128mb ram). the only thing youll wanna do in this case is lower the max players to about 8.