View Full Version : a v3 and Unreal cd

21st Nov 1999, 06:43 PM
i just realized this...i got the v3 in august and never really decided to use the editor. when looking around for it on my hard drive, it was no where to be found. then i searched through my D:\ drive, and to no prevail, no UnrealED. the closet thing to it was an UnrealED.ico which is no help. thank god i have Unreal already, but is UnrealEd even on the cd that shipped with a v3 3000? i know they screwed up on the cd labeling, but did they screw up on the editor too? thanking in advance.


22nd Nov 1999, 01:06 AM
The v3 version of Unreal wasn't shipped with Unrealed.. no mistake. but since you have Unreal already, there's no big deal

23rd Nov 1999, 05:43 PM
well, that's kinda dumb. why do ya think 3dfx did that?