View Full Version : Installing Ram...not going well

Dog Welder
17th Nov 1999, 02:18 AM
Hey Guys/Gals

I know this is not really a "Unreal" problem, bu everyone here was so helpful with my last problem, I was hoping someone may be able to aid me in this one.

I just purchased 64MB of PC100 RAM to add to my current 64MB (now 128 total). I installed it, booted up and the BIOS was able to test all 128MB.

then Windows starts...

It sure looked like it was going to load, I saw the hour glass, and then right before I actually got to my desktop...blue screen of death. (on one boot I got something lke an msgrv??? error).

Now I have tried plugging the new 64MB in various DIMM slots to no avail.

Is there something that I need to adjust in Windows ahead of time to let in know more ram is on the way. Somewhere I heard that it sometimes has a problem identifying more than 64MB ram.

My rig consists of...
Abit BE6
Celeron 366 o/c 550
Quantum ata66 13.3 HD
Diamond TNT2 Ultra w/Voodoo 2 12MB
Diamond Monster sound

Any help would be much appreciated. And it does relate a little to Unreal, as it sure will make it play better.

ps...just bought Wheel of Time...so far...amazing


17th Nov 1999, 06:45 AM
Have you tried just using the new RAM in place of your existing memory to see if everything loads correctly?

17th Nov 1999, 09:18 AM
Did you happen to pull any of your other cards out and move them to different slots? This can sometimes cause windows to hang because the old hardware in a new position, is new hardware to windows! Try pressing F8 at the moment when you see "windows is starting" so that you can choose to start windows in safe mode. If windows will boot successfully in safe mode, then just shut it down and try the normal reboot. You may have to run windows setup starting from the "pre-windows" command prompt only. Do you know how to do this (you need a 16 bit driver for your cdrom)?

Dog Welder
17th Nov 1999, 05:24 PM
Slaughter....now theres an idea!!! Why didnt I think of that. Tried booting up only on the new 64MB dimm...and no go.

Thus I marched right back down to where I got it, where they gave me a new one, and now its up and running.

HuFlungDung...thanx for the tip as well. You were right about shuffling cards around. I actually installed a new vid card at the same time I installed the ram.

Once again...thnx for the support...problem solved!!

23rd Nov 1999, 05:24 PM
the same thing happened to me i think the cause was that either your comp wasnt set for PC-100? .. or the ram wasnt PC-whatever they told you it was .. windows goes crazy if you *in my exp* put two speeds in there?