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16th Nov 1999, 10:37 AM
I need help changing the x and the z (twist) axis on my sidewinder pro joystick. The default y is just fine, I just want to use the x axis for right and left turn and the z axis for strafing. Help!

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22nd Nov 1999, 05:37 PM
How ya doin, well I have had unreal for sometime and I got sick of the strafing so I quit. Well Now today...im bored with my other games and came back to Unreal..But having forgot about that damn strafe thing but I search and found the solution so here ya go bud i hope it helps.

Unreal “No Strafe Joy Config”

My Joystick or Gamepad will only Strafe, or move from side to side. How can I change it so that my character can turn?

From the Unreal main menu:

1. Click on "Options"
2. Click on "Advanced Options"
3. In the window that appears, click on "Advanced"
4. Click on "Raw Key Bindings"
5. Now scroll down until you find the line that reads "JoyX Axis astrafe speed=2"
6. Click on this line once
7. Click on the right hand side of this line and delete all the text that is there.
8. Type in the following: Axis aBaseX speed=2

Now you can close the advanced options window and try playing again. Your joystick should work normally. If you still want to strafe from time to time, you can bind any key you like to STRAFE in the Unreal controller setup menu.

p.s. Yep I have a SideWinder also. I also Sent you Icq msg tell you. And email. (Nice web site)


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