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13th Oct 2000, 10:19 AM
At http://www.planetunreal.com/arena there is a complete list of maps for the Rocket Arena mod. Where can I download them? I know that a lot of them already come with the game, like Deck16 and Liandri, but where can I find "Streets" and "Lavalution"?

And what are the best levels to play RA:UT on?

(BoD) nepenthe
13th Oct 2000, 02:04 PM
I, sir, have the hookup.

You can pick up new RA maps here (http://www.chlorine.net/ut), here (http://www.planetunreal.com/decadence/mylevels.htm), and here (http://www.planetunreal.com/nalicity/).

Here is the list of complete RA map packs available currently beyond the original 10 that came with RA 1.42:


In addition, there is RA-Dojo, which is absolute crap, don't get it, ad RA-5Cubes-PaganPete2 which is a single map, not a multi-arena.

Also, here are the new maps that will be in the Game of the Year edition that I know of:


That second one, GE]I[, is replacing GE][. There may be a new version of RA-Shinigami as well.

Finally, here are the other new maps that won't be in Game of the Year edition that aren't out yet that I know of:


Of course, in 1.42 you can play in any UT map, DM, CTF, DOM, AS, etc., but you can only play 1vs1 on em, so it's very limited. I'm hoping they lift that limit for GotY and also lift it for the game itself--let 2vs2s be played in 1vs1 arenas, for instance.

As far as "Streets" and "Lavalution", these came with 1.42!:) Streets is part of RA-Warren and Lavalution is part of RA-Shinigami! Go look.

Finally, as far as the question in the thread title, I'd probably say RA-Superman is the best. RA-Ramses looks amazing, but you won't be able to download that until a little after GotY is out. My favorite standard arenas are Maximus, Underlord, Mage Tower, and Jump Portal.

13th Oct 2000, 10:33 PM
Thankya for the shopping list :) I found every one of them (from the first list) except for RA-Lancelot. Did I maybe miss it from one of the links? I didn't see it, but I'll be playing RA for a lot longer now, any way.

Oh yeah, right after I posted the first message, I went and played RA, then I noticed that Streets and Lavalution are already included :p Good maps, but I think Lavalution kinda looks better than it plays. The bots couldn't find a path to follow and neither could I... I'm restricted to off-line play.

Here's another question for you, it's not RA related. But where can I find the "Bathroom Map" and others like it? I had one once called DOM-Big Walt's Vunderlund, that was a pretty good map. Any others like it? Thanks

(BoD) nepenthe
14th Oct 2000, 02:47 AM
Oops, sorry about that. Here is Lancelot: http://lmd.utstation.de/RA-Lancelot.zip

And you are welcome!

I agree with you about Lavalution. In fact, Shinigami as a whole kinda suffers from great ideas but not so good gameplay. I think it's being revamped for the final version, though.

Some people think RA is only fun online, and the bots are kinda wierd, but I've had a good time offline with it as well.

Bathroom? I'm glad you asked. First go read this (http://forums.planetunreal.com/showthread.php?threadid=24862), then go to Nali City (http://www.planetunreal.com/nalicity/). Enjoy!:)

14th Oct 2000, 02:29 PM
I really appreciate your help :) I got the Lancelot pack, thanks. But like before, I got most of the maps about the "Little People" but I couldn't find
DM-FastFood or
In addition to your list, I got DM-Bathroom, DOM-BWVunderlund and CTF-Bedrooms][, as well as DM-BedroomSE

Thanks for the lists, this game is just so COOL!!!

(BoD) nepenthe
14th Oct 2000, 04:36 PM
Hmm, now that's odd. I got Fast Food at least from Nali, maybe they're cleaning out the archives. Ah well. I can try to email them to you if you want, (after zipping), but I'm not at home so I wouldn't be able to do it until Sunday.

(BoD) nepenthe
27th Oct 2000, 09:33 AM
Two more maps...

RA-Revolver which will be available on GotY and a week or two after as a download and features Seraphim as the pickup


RA-6(sic)6 which is a collaboration featuring 8 all new arenas by 6 experienced mappers.

(BoD) nepenthe
31st Oct 2000, 02:09 PM
Thought I'd keep this thread up to date.

Okay, 1.60 came out last night. It's exactly the same as GotYE/1.50, except it has four new maps. It has RA-Revolver, RA-Qwerty, RA-DavidM2, and RA-Heiko. Also, four old maps have been revised, RA-DavidM, RA-GE][, RA-Shinigami, and RA-Outworld.

1.60 works fine on servers that appear to be running 1.50, but 1.42 is not compatible in any way.

Also, RA-Ramses was released today as well. This is the missing 15th map--it was s'poseda be in there, but it's separate.

Other than these maps, and the ones that have been out for a while (listed in the above post), RA-Maverick][, RA-6(sic)6, and RA-Timeframe are still yet to be released.

31st Oct 2000, 04:02 PM
I'll head over to Nali City right now for a map-run. Getting bored with the ones I have right now, and I'm starting to make my own DM and CTF maps.

31st Oct 2000, 04:14 PM
Is there any way at all I can take one of those maps out by themselves and play it not in RA?

ChaosUT has a SwordArena mutator, and some of those maps would be great for it.

I have found that if I rename one to DM-whatever, that I can get into the map with my sword and grapple, but the bots don't show up, even though they are listed on scoreboard. Also, I cannot get to the rest of the "arenas" in that map.

I realize it may not be possible, but it doesn't hurt to ask.


(BoD) nepenthe
31st Oct 2000, 05:06 PM
Okay, I'm a bit put-out.

First though, another update. Contrary to what I was told, all the old maps are exactly the same (even GE][, oddly), except Shinigami and DavidM. In Shinigami, one map is gone, Sky Temple, replaced by a new one, Dolphin something. In DavidM, Revolved Arena is gone, but it was moved to DavidM2.

Here are my quick impressions of the new maps.

RA-Heiko--pretty good, second arena has cool sounds and looks nice, third arena has a BSP bug on the middle platform, Zeto is pickup, overall great map

RA-DavidM2--very good, first and second arenas are linked in a way, see if you can figure out how, third arena is AWESOME, Agio is pickup

RA-Qwerty--pretty good, first two arenas have a beautiful, amazing look, mapping error (see below), Malevolence is pickup

RA-Revolver--pretty good, very small, fast, tight (claustrophobic even) arenas, mapping error (see below, but not as obvious as on RA-Qwerty), Seraphim is pickup

So after trying to get the stupid umod to load up (I've lost my association somehow), I start playing... I play a bot match, then go to switch arenas--and it crashes. :( I'm not sure if this was RA's fault or my PC, because it only did it that first time... still...

There are no changes to the HUD. Player names still overlap player health. There is only one change to the options menu, they made the rocket jump multiplier configurable. You still can only play 1vs1 on the normal DM maps (and CTF-Face), and you still can't force 2vs2 on 1vs1 maps. Apparently they TOOK OUT the ability to use mutators--so no lo grav, and no aftermarket weapons packs. They still don't have configurable health. Turning Fall Damage ON still disables Fall Damage, and vice versa (not a big deal I know, but jeez, you'd think they'd catch this one!).

I still couldn't run a server. They still don't have Round Robin and Red Rover game types. I was unable to check on the bug that lets you load up rockets before the match starts. I'll know soon if it's still in. I still sometimes had 100 armor and sometimes 150 armor. The bots are the same slightly retarded ones in 1.42. I got a weird slowdown in a couple of the pickup arenas. Couldn't figure out what the heck was causing it.

I found mapping flaws in two maps. It was really odd. I tried to screenshot, but I have a Voodoo5, and screenshots don't work anymore for me (it came out looking like infrared vision). Anyway, you know that camel-looking icon you use in UnrealEd which signifies different things? Well, there were a couple visible in the game, just floating there in mid-air. Never seen that in any map ever before. I'm not saying it's a big deal or hurts the game any, I'm just surprised to see it.

Guess I was expecting that they'd do a little more with the GotY Edition of the game! I expected more options and more polish.

(BoD) nepenthe
31st Oct 2000, 05:16 PM
Flagg, you'd have to go in with Ued and extract the arena. It's not too difficult. Although... BPLlama (http://www.crosswinds.net/~llamaworld/dlut.html) did turn four of his arenas into DM maps. Check em out.

It appears that there is no more using weapons packs in RA, which might have been a solution...

31st Oct 2000, 06:48 PM
Thanks (BoD) nepenthe, I'll try that. I've never opened Ued before, but I guess there's a first for everything.

Mutators seem to work fine for me in the new RA. I just played a low grav match in one.

Can't get my Chaos grapple to work with my SwordArena mutator though, so I still want to export maps.

Thanks again, time to learn Ued.

Tyler A. Perry
31st Oct 2000, 09:50 PM
Should I make my maps into DM maps for the people who don't have Ra, or the bandwidth for it? I have a 56k hehe, I DL'ed the full version, hehe, Im stupid. ;)

31st Oct 2000, 11:20 PM
I'd be interested, what maps have you made? Where can I see shots?

1st Nov 2000, 07:29 AM
Originally posted by R.Flagg
I'd be interested, what maps have you made? Where can I see shots?

I read that and thought "Cool, someone wants my maps" but realized "He wants Tyler's maps" Oh well, one of my maps is waiting in your inbox :D And I think Tyler is the author of one of the RA packs that are out there. Is it RA-Ramses?

(BoD) nepenthe
1st Nov 2000, 10:23 AM
Tyler made RA-Maverick (the Chizra-styled maps based on areas from the original Unreal, very cool), and RA-Maverick][ one of these days.

I found a new RA map last night, it's called RA-Mastertonnberry.

Wild2, I'd love a copy of your map: kevynwight@hotmail.com

1st Nov 2000, 11:49 AM
The only problem that I have with custom maps is finding server that actually use them. I stick with the default maps.

Tyler A. Perry
1st Nov 2000, 05:59 PM
Yeah, I wish RA-Maverick and many of the other custom RA maps were included in the new RA version, but mistakes were found, or things weren't complete, so they were not added. Hopefully they have a RA:UT Bonus Map Pack!
BTW, RA-Maverick][ is almost finished. sorry for the delay, school got in the way, so did having to format my hard drive and accidentally not backing RA-Maverick][ up. So the new 4th arena is almost done, then the pickup will most likely be Arcane Temple, unless anyone can suggest a better map then that, and I would be happy to have that one if it is good.
Oh, someone should host a server with just custom RA maps that didn't come with the mod so people can play different styles of maps. (I would, but I have a 56. :p )


(BoD) nepenthe
1st Nov 2000, 06:28 PM
There is a server like that! They run ONLY custom maps. They're running RA-Maverick, too. Go here (http://www.drtdomain.com/dgn/drtut/utra.shtml), to view the maps they have in rotation. Also take note of their server rules. They're serious about it.