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20th Nov 1999, 07:59 PM
Whenever I overclocked my Celly 300a to 450 MHZ and used Voodoo3-2000.. my comp would lock up/freeze every 15 minutes or so and CU temp would get pretty hot...but now that I have replaced the Voodoo3 with a Voodoo1 card..it has not crashed once and my CPU temp is way down by about 5 degrees cent.

I don't get it..but it's true, I think I will try a TNT2 next time instead of aVoodoo3...it may help reduce freeze ups on my comp..who needs the CPU lock ups?

20th Nov 1999, 11:31 PM
V3 2000? I don't know anything about that, but if it's an AGP card (doubt it) then you need to set your AGP bus to 2/3 when overclocking to 450.

If you haven't tried new drivers then you might want to do that.

20th Nov 1999, 11:53 PM
you probly have a cheap to borderline fan on your cpu and compounded by the fact that the v3 already runs very hot and doesnt come with a cooling fan. get a regular cpu fan (one you can just take off the heatsink it comes with) and attach it to the v3's heatsink. i run that exact same setup (300@450 with v3-2000+fan) and i never get lock ups.

my case temp never goes above 30celsius. this is with a tennmax Dual fan on the processor. if i were you i might consider getting a better fan for the cpu. but regardless you really need to stick a fan on that v3.

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21st Nov 1999, 10:53 AM
Cheap borderline fan?..well I will have you know that my fan is a whopping 15" diameter..custom made for my comp..keeps my beer cold too..had it specially delivered from Wal-Mart fo $15.95 inc. tax.

My mobo & cpu temp normally hovers around 38 celsius. AbitBX6 mobo.

When it locked up before with the Voodoo3, it doesn't make alot of sense because I never o/c my Voodoo3 at all..for some reason the CPU seems to find it less of a strain with my Voodoo1..who knows..

The real scary part is I am getting used to my Voodoo1 again.

I was thinking of getting the TNT2.. just don't know anymore..I like the TNT2 superior graphics..and I hope it works well with Unreal and Tribes,maybe even UT and Quake3, DNF.

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21st Nov 1999, 12:12 PM
uh, my cpu fan cost $35 /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

seriously tho,you should try to attach a fan onto the v3. your case is already quit hot at 38C...so maybe you could eliminate a few degress with that fan. you could get a cheap $5 one , or this:


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