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20th Nov 1999, 07:47 PM
ok let's cut thru the chase and get to the point here... I have a PII 333 with 128 mb SDRAM with 13gig HD with a 12mb Banshee VooDoo2 card ( to which I have ALL the latest Drivers for it as of this last few weeks have been keeping updated on the NEWEST drivers being released for my card) I have spent some considerable time these last few weeks gathering whatever new drivers I need for my card due to some of the OTHER games I have that require me to at least LOOK and be sure I have the latetest. Anyway Believe me when I say I have the latest drivers for my card. I HAD OLDER Unreal versions on my system at one time or another and the OLDER versions ALLOWED me to have REAL fog in the FLYBY when coming thru the bridge down by the water. I thought it looked kewl when the fog looked real thick and could BARELY see the water thru it. I could ALSO have my Resolution settings as high as 800x600 without any probs and it looked great WITH THE FOG. After installing 224 and 225f I lost the FOG look but was STILL able to play at higher RES. But now I had do REDO my patches because I tried to figure out why I couldn't get the fog anymore and thought that if I just redid all my UNREAL by REINSTALLING it and re applying the patches it may FIX the prob. Well now I can't even set my RES past 640x480 AND as a amtter of fact I can't even go LOWER without getting this error everytime ---- >>> READ next for Error that I am gettingOK Like I understand what this means.... anyone else know that this means ? READ BELOW!!

General protection fault!

History:UGlideRenderDevice::SetRes <-UWindowsViewpoint:Exec <-
APlayerPawn::execConsoleCommand <-UObject::ProcessEvent <-(UBrowserConsole
Transient.UBrowserConsole0,Function Engine. Console.Meaning.KeyEvent) <-
UEngine::InputEvent <-UWindowsViewpoint::CauseInput <-WM_KEYDOWN <-
UWindowsViewpoint::ViewportWndProc <- WWindow::StaticProc <-Enforce TickRate <-MainLoop

Ok in PLAIN SIMPLE English what the heck does this mean ?

If probs like this keep happening when getting new patches then why should I take the time to DOWNLOAD the NEWEST patches especially when the OLDER patches work just fine for me. The ONLY reason I GET the newest drivers is so I can keep up with the SERVERS that have the NEWER vers. Plz help me out here and explain how or what I need to do to bring up my RES settings and STILL keep my nice FOG effect. --- thx Badaws

check out RS_Equation for Rogue Spear at www.xsspeed.net/badaws/RSEquation.htm (http://www.xsspeed.net/badaws/RSEquation.htm)