View Full Version : Can't find UnrealEd

19th Nov 1999, 04:07 AM
I've just bought Unreal (a little late admittedly) and can't find UnrealEd on the CD. Which directory is it in? Do I need a patch maybe? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

19th Nov 1999, 05:44 AM
Welcome...it's never too late to get Unreal. Though it should have been installed automatically, the editor is under the System directory on the CD (UnrealEd.exe).

Also check out UnrealEd Quick Notes (http://unreal.epicgames.com/UnrealEd.htm) on the Epic Unreal site.

19th Nov 1999, 04:45 PM
Thanks for the link /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

No, it's not in the system directory. I've looked through all directory in the game directory and the CD and UnrealEd.exe isn't there at all.

19th Nov 1999, 05:55 PM
Don't worry.
I've just DL'ed the fix for the editor and everything's all and well. Geez, it's different to Quake mapping. Thanks anyway.