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16th Nov 1999, 07:40 AM

I just begin with Unreal.
When I first run Unreal (just after installation), it says that I have a 3Dfx
card and seems to configure the game for it.
But just after, it crashes before the setting
up finished.
Does anyone experienced such a behaviour ?



16th Nov 1999, 08:54 PM
Make sure that you have your windows desktop set to at least 16 bit color and at a resolution >or= to what you are trying to run the game in. You should also download the 225F patch to upgrade the CD version of the game. The patch is available at the unreal.epicgames.com website.
You could try starting Unreal in safe mode and choose the 3dfx driver in the advanced options. Then shut down the game and restart it normally. Of course, you should have all the latest drivers installed for you video card, and at least Directx6.

17th Nov 1999, 12:11 AM
I've got a Banshee on my older computer, and I could be wrong, but I think that when Unreal was released, it had a bug where Voodoo Banshee cards would not work. It was fixed in one of the earlier patches, but the best thing to do would be to go straight to patch 225, which can be found in the downloads section over at http://unreal.epicgames.com

good luck!

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17th Nov 1999, 04:32 AM
I made sure that I have the latest
driver installed (from Guillemot, I have
a Maxi Gamer Phoenix).
I also see on their web site that they had
tested Unreal with the Patch 2.19 and it
For the moment, I still did not patch my
version (still CD version).
I can start it in Safe Mode but not in normal
mode :-(
I will try with the patch 225f.

Thanks for your reply HuFlungDung and Alien8.


18th Nov 1999, 07:51 AM
Well, I found what was wrong.
Not the drivers but the OS.
I first tried on Win98 french
but my Unreal version is english one.
I retried with Win98 SE and all works fine
if I patched Unreal with the patch225f.

Thanks for your help,