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14th Nov 1999, 08:02 AM
"Unreal" related .. NOT UT.

I had been using a voodoo3-2000 card for the last 2 months..played great but I always had terrible packet loss even with low ping..


I re-installed my old Voodoo1 card for the last 2 weeks and couldn't help but notice that packet loss readings were much lower..either pak loss is related to the video card reading in statnet (is that possible? how?) or it's an incredible coincidence.

The problem now is the V-1 card keeps locking up, freezing in busy action sequences and generally gives crappy performance..but what else could you expect out of a Voodoo1 with 4 megs?

With the voodoo1 card I still experience lag and some MINOR consequences of packet loss.. but for some reason the "reading in stat net is much lower with most servers.. before almost 100% of servers I looged on with the V3 card ..displayed a very hi pak lossand generally poor game play performance du to PL.

I get better lag and PL performance with Voodoo 1 card than Voodoo3 card...
but get better graphics and smoother play with V3.

... plan on re-installing a V3 or TNT2 card in next week or so and follow this situation up..weird eh?

14th Nov 1999, 02:45 PM
OH, NO! I hope you're not correct, Easy_T. I just got my V3-3000 and have been having
sh!tty online performance, as you probably know. I am interested in the results of your test when you're done. I have never had any other video card in this current computer, so I am really loathe to go back to try my older V2 Banshee, but if you think it is worthwhile...........in the meantime, maybe I'll try slowing down the V3 clock rate and see if that accomplishes anything.

15th Nov 1999, 07:42 PM

Are you saying that your on-line connection performance has got worse since you upgraded to the Voodoo3 ?

By the way ..all of this happenned whilst I was using cable.

15th Nov 1999, 08:50 PM
As a matter of fact, since I have gotten this Athlon 550, v3-3000 video, 128 meg pc133 ram, my online performance has not gotten any better, it seems worse. It could be my modem (I hope), so I'm still waiting for that new gaming modem before I get really upset about this. This new machine seems wonderful in every other way, it's superb on a LAN as a listen server (it doesn't bog down noticably)! I'll be really keen on Windows2000 if that has better TCP performance like I've heard!