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14th Nov 1999, 06:28 AM
Can anyone help a first time online gamer?

I have followed the steps in the user manual to no avail.

I get as far as the 'Fly around the castle' screen with a message 'connecting to ............'etc. However this is as far as it gets.

I have yet to be put into the holding cell to chose a gateway.

Please let me know where I'm going wrong!!
Or what I have yet to do that the manual does not tell you.



14th Nov 1999, 09:39 AM
Download Unreal 225f patch. I believe it comes with a browser that will help you find internet games. You're gonna need that patch to join any internet games since 95% of servers are running that version. I would also download Gamespy 2.17. It's free and will work a little better than the unreal browser. Most people have switched over to Unreal Tournament so you might want to download the demo (use Getright or Godzilla for downloading if you have a 56K connection) and try that. Have fun.

14th Nov 1999, 02:16 PM
Update the Patch like he said and save your hard drive space by waiting for the full version of UT to come out..

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