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11th Nov 1999, 09:02 AM
ok b4 i begin heres my machine:
P166MMX, 32megs ram, 6.4 gig hd, 12 meg voodoo 2 blackmagic 3dfx card, ect ect

now my problem is after i install the demo of UnReal i go to start it, it asks me bout my 3dfx card, i say yes, and it goes into the game, the only problem is that its wavy, like blurred out of unreconizable distortion like horozontal lines are moving back and forth, im sure some one knows what i mean, and i cant play. i want to play though. does ne one know what the problem is?? could it be my desktop settings? i dont know kan some one help.


11th Nov 1999, 05:24 PM
Are you sure you have the latest drivers for your vid card?

Anyway, not to discourage you but UT will absolutely crawl on that machine.

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12th Nov 1999, 07:25 AM
I think i know what you mean, it sounds like you have your V2 clocked to a frequency too high for it to handle...
right click on your win desktop and go into properties, select your V2 properties Tab, and check the frequency, if its over 90, then try setting it to 80 or something, it should be operating fine at about 90, but try this anyway...

13th Nov 1999, 08:35 AM
I've seen exactly what he's talkin about Easy_Target, and its from a frequency that is too high for the hardware to cope, i could be wrong of course, but i'm pretty sure. i o/c'ed my V2 and i went too far and thats exactly the effect i had in unreal. Poor system specs don't create visual distortion, they make the game run like crap. My friend had a P133 with 16mb RAM and no vid card and he still ran Unreal, it was in 300x200 and everything was turned off and it still ran really really slow, but there was no visual distortion.

Inferno, i say again, make sure its not your vid. card frequency thats causin this.