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Chairman Mao
28th Sep 2000, 05:07 PM
for $15.00 cdn- i've seen it at EB for $10.00 US- you can't go wrong.

the main reason i bought it was for the 32 bit colour depth-in the original Unreal(patched to 226) when i set it to 32 bits via the desktop i lost 12-13 fps in the opening flyby whereas in Unreal Gold there is an option in the GUI(which has been re-designed and now looks like UT) to set 16 or 32 bits and lost 6 fps which is o.k.

LoL there is already a patch out for Unreal Gold( i think it addresses problems when clicking on the web links in the Unreal Gold section of the Start Menu)-no problems here.

RTNP is very smooth at 1024x768x32 bits- when i had 224 RTNP installed i was playing at 640x480 and it was a slide show.

i have found a bug though-when i tried to access advanced options Unreal Gold crashed to the desktop-it's possible to access advanced options if i start in safe mode.

another thing is the cool shield belt effect is gone(your weapon turning gold)

also i thought that there would be a strategy guide included but there was none.

highly recommended if you own an Nvidia( G-force) video card!!!

29th Sep 2000, 01:25 AM
I will see if the shops here have or not...

If the originals are not available, I have no choice but to buy from pirated shops :(